Thursday, February 28, 2013

Money Games!

We have been working hard on counting sets of coins this week. While we were in the computer lab on Wednesday, my kids were able to get in some great practice! They got such a kick out these games that I just had to share! 

I've mentioned before that having a 45 minute block each week to teach technology/computer skills gives me the shakes. Having all of my kids in one room on 20 different computers is intimidating. The hands get to flyin' up as soon as their hot little hands hit the mouse. To help with their internet navigation, I put ALL of the sites I want them to visit during our computer block on my classroom webpage. They are able to find them super quick! It has been a huge time (and sanity) saver.

I had some kids who were really struggling with where to begin counting coins. This lesson and activity has a cute little hopping frog that shows them how to start with the largest value and count on. Click on any of the pictures to try the games out for yourself!

A treasure hunt and some comparing! 


You've got to love technology!!
They love using those computers to practice their new skills :-)

Happy (almost) Friday!!

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