Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Snow WAY!"

I, like every one else, am ready to head out on a groundhog hunt for Puxsutawney Phil. Seriously... it is March 26 and there is snow on the ground. Not to mention, we were totally robbed of a snow day yesterday. It is beautiful... but I'm over it. 

I have been all kinds of absent from the blog world lately. I haven't even been reading blogs I am subscribed to. I almost always used to read them during my lunch time, but I am not sure what is going lately. I have no motivation to be any type of creative. I am really hoping that it is just this weather. We have school tomorrow and then we are off for a marvelous 7 days of spring break. I need some battery recharging.

"I have a share!"
My kids have had SO much fun learning about fractions. We have been using our SMARTBoard like wild to practice. I grabbed these fantastic fraction centers from The Teacher Wears Prada. They were some work to prep, but my planning was so minimal for a 1.5 weeks following. It has been glorious. 

One more thing!
I am having an Easter weekend sale on Sunday and Monday! Check out some of my items :-)
Have a great holiday weekend!

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