Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the quarter...

That's right... report card time. I am all 'end of the quarter assessed out'. Please tell me you are all feeling it as much as I am? This week has been quite a whirl wind. Between making sure I have everything in order to turn my grades in on Tuesday and gathering things to prepare for NEXT quarter, I feel like there is no time to breathe! Thank goodness it's a three day weekend.

AND, as though end of quarter stress isn't enough, my roommate and I came home on Monday night after work to find our apartment ransacked and burglarized. UGH. The fact that a stranger was in our house touching our things has been BEYOND creeping us out. It truly has been a nightmare. But- we are safe, and I guess that's what matters. A little "on edge", but safe. I took the day off on Tuesday and gave myself 24 hours to be a sulky, bitter baby about it. Wednesday was a new day and now we're moving on! 

Remember how stressed anxious I was about beginning measurement? My kids have been ROCKING it. Don't you just love when they surprise you like that? I snagged Amy Lemon's "I Can Measure!" unit and my kiddos have been super engaged. They literally cheer when I tell them to get our their rulers. Did NOT see that one coming.

They will be taking their assessment on length tomorrow. Squeezing in oneee more grade ;-).

Last thing! My kids have been loving on the Caldecott books over the past few weeks. They had to choose their favorite Caldecott winner or honoree and recreate their favorite illustration from the book. They have started bringing them back to school. I've been so impressed. They are being so creative with them!

That's all for now!

Happy (almost) Friday!

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