Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It is just a teensy bit cold outside. So much so that we didn't have school today! It was 7 bone chilling degrees outside when I pulled myself out of bed this morning. 

Some schools began calling delays last night. I was hopin' and prayin' for a 2 hour delay. I even thought about sleeping with the PJs inside out. So I was one happy girl this morning. Although, I did get up and go all the way to school before I got the call from our principal. But I'll still take it! This is my first snow day as a teacher. We didn't have any last year.  I have gotten so much done! 

Including this...

Can you believe Valentine's day is just around the corner?

I am off to do some grading and possibly start a new book.
 I could get used to this no school thing. 

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