Sunday, February 10, 2013


One of my favorite projects during the year is our Steve Jenkins animal habitat research project. If you haven't seen any of Steve Jenkins' books... get your booty to a bookstore or library and check them out. They are FABULOUS. He was our January author of the month. He creates beautiful non-fiction books about animals. The kids were completely captivated by his books all month

I use Steve Jenkins to teach habitats and study non-fiction text features. My kiddos were in charge of researching an animal. They had to use books as well as the web to find several facts about their animals. We used the NatGeo Kids because it has such a great selection of animals as well as videos. They loved exploring! 

They chose three facts and word processed them to present to the class. I have a whole new respect for computer teachers. Getting 18 seven/eight year olds to type three sentences was TOUGH. 

Anyway.... they turned out great and I just had to share!!!  

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