Friday, October 19, 2012

Candy on our Minds!

It's been a minute! Things really picked up at school and I have been super busy lately. I'm arriving at work at 7:00 and not leaving until 5:30-6:00 each night. WOOF! The one thing that keeps me going is that I can see my kids making such great strides. 

I spoke to a friend earlier in the year and she mentioned she was reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to her class. I thought it would be a great read aloud. I was right... my kids beg for it as soon as they enter the room and moan when we have to stop. It's pretty long, but most of my kids had seen the movie and I figured that would help them a bit. PLUS it's great for comparison. They are always pointing out things that different from the movie version. 

We completed this little writing activity today. Each child shared their writing and picture with the class using the document camera. They got a kick out of that. Here are a few precious examples.

You can grab that activity by clicking on the picture above. Once again, all of the text won't appear until you download the document. Haven't quite figured that one out yet :-/.

Beginning Monday, students are going to be "inventing" their own candy. I created this graphic organizer to help them get a handle on all of their thoughts! I told them to spend the weekend brainstorming all of their delicious ideas. The end product will be a descriptive writing piece (we've been focusing on adjectives) and creating their candy out of construction paper and art supplies. 

Speaking of adjectives...AND candy, I created this PowerPoint with tons of candy pictures. We practiced using adjectives to describe the different candy on each slide. Click on the picture below to take a peak.

OK... last but not least. A Pinterest "aha" moment. So simple, but so amazing. Look at how neatly my anchor charts are now organized! I'm overly excited about it. I was always fumbling through them... Pinterest really is sent from above!

We're studying spiders next week... stay tuned!

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