Thursday, October 4, 2012

Addition with Regrouping

We started addition with regrouping this week! I was SO impressed with my kids and how hard they worked to grasp this skill. They came in in the mornings asking "Do we GET to work on regrouping today?". Melts my heart. I always think that it is going to be so difficult to help them understand the concept, but they always seem to pick it up.


We started off reviewing double and triple digit addition last week to prep. We started concrete with my beloved place value chips. Students worked on a work mat to add the numbers together. We then moved on to a pictoral reference as a whole class. I used this SMARTboard lesson. The pictures match their chips, so it's easy for them to pick up on what were doing on the board. We played a fun double digit addition bingo game as independent practice. They loved it! You can snag it by clicking on the picture below.

Once we started the BINGO activity, I noticed they could only get five in a row up and down, not diagonally... whoops! 

Then we started regrouping! We used base ten blocks to get a concrete hold on making even trades and did A LOT of white board practice. Regrouping is one of those things that you have to lay a lot of ground work for, so we practiced making even trades (ten ones for one ten) for a couple of days before we actually put pencil to paper (or marker to board). I'm a huge fan of having them work their problems out on personal white boards... I think they feel as though it's not quite as permanent if they make a mistake!

They are taking their assessments tomorrow. I know they'll do great. I couldn't find an assessment in our math program that I really liked, so I made one of my own. It contains regrouping in ones and in tens. You can have that one too by clicking on the picture!

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