Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break!

I love spring break. It comes at a time where you're just beginning to count down the days until summer. Fourth quarter also follows spring break... which means summer is almost here! So far my break has been filled with a lot of relaxing, reading, and regrettably, candy crush saga. 
I did  get a little work in yesterday by finishing up progress reports and remapping my fourth quarter. I had that "oh crap" moment when I realized there are only eight weeks of school left and we still have TONS to cover! Does anyone else have that feeling looming above them?

To kick off break and a special someone's birthday, we visited Newport on the Levee. We had so much fun! Newport Aquarium is really great. The whole time we were there I just kept thinking, "This would be such a COOL place for a field trip!" 

While I am excited to be on break, I am also excited to get back to school. Fourth quarter at school is my FAVE! Our school has a celebration each year that is all about reading. It is a week long party to celebrate all things reading! This year our theme is the Civil War. I can't wait to see what our librarian has cooked up for us.

Another reason I am so excited is my kiddos will receive their First Holy Communion! We have been preparing all year for this. They are full of excitement and it is so much fun to see them ready to receive such a special gift!

I dug out a picture of me the day of my First Holy Communion to share with them when we get back. Check out those bangs..

To those of you on break..ENJOY! To those of you who are back in the saddle at school... summer is just around the corner!!! 

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