Sunday, December 30, 2012

Downtime Goals for 2013!

I'm linking up with Amy Lemons to share how I hope to spend my downtime in 2013!

My initial thought was this-

"Excuse me... did you say downtime? I'm sorry...I'm not sure of what you're talking about."

Seriously-I leave work just to go home and work some more.
With that in mind, here are some things I would really like to do in my downtime.

Spend some time by the water.
Honestly- Is there anything more relaxing than being near a large body of water. Even thinking of  the pool gets me giddy for summer.

This spring something fantastic happened. I read the Hunger Games trilogy over spring break. The books were unbelievable, but what was even better was that I was reminded how much I loved reading a great book. During my college years I was required to do so much reading that I didn't want to read for pleasure. Reading is the greatest escape. I adore young adult fiction. I love talking to the middle school students about what they're reading. I'm currently reading the "Matched" trilogy. LOVE it. 

Spend more time with the ladies in my life.
I have the greatest girlfriends. Between all of our jobs it's hard to find the time to get together. I need to make more of an effort to spend my downtime with them. Especially that bride-to-be in the top-left hand corner ;-).

Explore the ParksColumbus has some great parks! I want to spend more time checking them out this year. The best part is sharing those places with my students. They love suggesting different places for me to spend my weekends. They are, after all, Columbus natives. They're teaching me about the best places to play and eat!

I also hope to focus on fitness a bit more. I miss my morning workouts and I'm hoping I can get back into those! It's just too busy after work and it becomes more of a stress than a release!

So... How about you? What are your plans for downtime this coming year?


  1. I want to spend more time reading as well. Good luck with your downtime goals. I'm your newest follower.

  2. I love the beautiful colors of your blog. I am your newest follower. Found you through the linky!


  3. Hi! Just found your blog, I am always blog stalking(in a good way, not creepy!). I am a new follower!


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